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Meet John

John Brown has served as Northampton County Executive since his election in 2013. He’s used his term to cut more than $50 million in waste from our county’s budget, ending deficit spending while tripling the county’s financial reserves and eliminating the need for a tax hike.

John and his wife, Tina.

As the first Republican elected as Northampton County Executive in 16 years, John has drawn on his 30 years of public and private financial, business and management experience to lead the county’s $400 million, 2,200-employee operation, which includes 11 unions, Northampton County Prison, and Gracedale Nursing Home.

John’s reforms at the 688-bed Gracedale facility improved quality of care and fixed what used to be a multimillion-dollar drain on county taxpayers. Under his leadership, Gracedale became profitable again while also earning a four-star rating two years in a row, helping more seniors in our community while also ensuring that 800 employees could keep their jobs.

John improved the county prison’s inefficient central booking system: Where the booking process used to take more than two hours, now it takes just 15 minutes. That’s generated thousands of hours of additional police officer patrol time in our local communities.

To address our county’s failing bridges, John launched a first-of-its-kind County Public-Private Partnership (P3) bridge-building project to fix county 33 bridges in just four years. The project is anticipated to save taxpayers 20 to 30 percent in costs and create more than a thousand family-sustaining jobs.

John’s administration also introduced AgConnect, giving our county’s farmers access to financial and business resources. Under his leadership, our county has continued to preserve 100 percent of qualifying farmland while also expanding our network of trails for hiking, running and biking.

Before his election as County Executive, John served as the Mayor of Bangor, where he managed a budget of $3 million, eliminated deficit spending and cut taxes. John also spent years working to turn around unprofitable businesses by making them more effective, efficient and successful.

John graduated from Bangor High School and earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Notre Dame. He serves on the board of Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corp., Lehigh Valley Partnership, and Lehigh Valley Planning Commission. He is a member of UNICO International and Bangor Elks Lodge # 1106.

John and his wife, Tina, live in Northampton County and have a son, Zachary.

Issues that Matter

Experience That Matters

John Brown is the only candidate for Northampton County Executive with financial and business experience, having held senior executive management roles in both the private and public sectors. He has the qualifications, capabilities and a proven track record of success we need from our County Executive.

Saving Gracedale, Protecting Seniors

At Gracedale, Northampton County’s 688-bed nursing home, John’s reforms eliminated multi-million dollar losses and returned the facility to profitability while improving quality of care. Between 2010 and 2013, Gracedale’s operating loss totaled $20 million dollars. In just three years, John eliminated all operating losses and returned Gracedale to profitability while maintaining jobs and expanding services. For 2017, Gracedale is forecasted to once again finish with a profit. Improvements earned Gracedale a four-star rating, a first for the facility, for two consecutive years and ensured 800 employees retain their jobs.

Learn more: Morning Call: “Gracedale could make $1.6 million in 2016”; Express-Times: “Gracedale passes state survey with no deficiencies for 2nd straight year”

Creating Jobs, Growing Wages

During John’s time in office, Northampton County has increased private sector jobs by 7.5 percent, increasing from 88,000 to 95,000 positions. In addition, the average wage for a Northampton County resident increased 9.64 percent, growing from $41,456 to $45,452.

Learn more: Governor’s office: “Governor Wolf announces 32 new jobs with DevTech manufacturing facility in Northampton County”

Protecting Farms and Open Space

John’s administration introduced AgConnect, bringing necessary financial and business resources to the county’s farming community. Additionally, the county has continued to preserve 100 percent of qualifying farmland, invest in our municipal parks, and expand trail development as part of the county’s open space initiative.

Learn more: WFMZ: “Northampton County Council backs conservation, geotourism projects”

Protecting Taxpayers

When John took office, the County was in deep financial crisis created by years of habitual overspending and ineffective financial controls. By restoring fiscal sanity to county government, John’s reforms have cut over $50 million in waste, ceased all deficit spending, tripled the county’s financial reserves and eliminated any need for higher taxes.

Learn more: Lehigh Valley Economic Development: “Northampton County has moved into a stronger financial situation, executive says”

Supporting Police, Safeguarding Communities

When asked by John what their number one issue was, the Northampton County Chiefs of Police Association complained that for years, inefficiencies at the county’s Central Booking system have been costing local departments thousands of dollars in overtime and for some smaller departments, forcing them to leave their communities unprotected.

John responded immediately. He restructured the county’s prison central booking system reducing the booking process from over two hours to just 15 minutes, generating thousands of hours of additional police officer patrol time in their local communities and saving local taxpayers thousands of dollars.

Learn more: Morning Call: “Cops praise new booking system at Northampton County Prison”

Replacing Bridges, Improving Public Safety

Northampton County owns and is responsible for 119 bridges. Unfortunately, due to years of delayed investment, 99 of the 119 bridges require repair or replacement, creating an enormous public safety issue. To address the county’s failing bridge infrastructure, John initiated a first-of-its-kind County Public-Private Partnership (P3) bridge bundling project to replace and rehabilitate 33 of the county’s 119 bridges in just four years. The innovative project will save taxpayers 20 to 30 percent in costs and generate more than 1000 family-sustaining jobs.

Learn more: PennDOT: “Two projects improving bridges, transit approved by Public-Private Partnership Board”


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